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What the Wax!

What a year it’s been. Can we believe it’s almost been 365 day, a full trip around the sun since Covid has turned our lives upside down? We’ve all had to adapt and make changes small and gigantic. Bee Bouquet is always trying new wax formulas. Researching ingredients is quite the rabbit hole and creating a wax that performs is no small feat.

We want to talk candle wax. We also want to make sure the wax we use is always the most sustainable, clean, and performs incredibly well for all of our loyal and loving customers. One of the reasons Bee Bouquet started was simply about wax. We wanted to make a candle that was not made of petroleum that had

harmful fumes. The air we breathe in our homes and workplaces should be as pristine as possible. Our candles always strive to be the best addition to your already clean air.

A fun fact about us is, we originally started our candles with beeswax. Now, this didn’t last very long because we quickly found out how terrible this was for our favorite pollinators. A entire beehive would only make two of our candles. This had us slam on the brakes and start from scratch on our wax blend. For most of 2020 we used a coconut apricot wax blend from a company we won’t be naming, this wax is gorgeous! Clean top, single pour, glass adhesion is incredible, scent throw is great as we all know. There are just a few major issues with their formula and a couple ingredients that we are not jumping for joy over. So we’ve decided to ditch that recipe and launch an even cleaner more environmentally friendly wax!

We want to share with you a few fun facts about our new blend! First, this is a soy and coconut wax blend. We never used soy in our candles until now. This is great news because soy wax is the most sustainable wax around (besides coconut wax). Secondly, because this wax is so clean it’s performance is a bit different. What we want to tell you is, your wax might look a little different now. You may see what we call, “frosting”, after your wax pool dries after burning. This is completely normal! It’s like organic veggies, they look a little funny because Mother Nature didn’t make all things the exact same. Unlike scientists who genetically modify our food to all look pristine and exactly the same. We love imperfect but we don’t want you to be surprised when you see our new wax rolling out over the next month.

We will always standby our 100% customer satisfaction promise. If you don’t like our new formula, we will make it right! Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks. Please send any and all feedback, we can’t keep growing and thriving without it and all of you!

Here’s to the only constant, change!


Bee Bouquet

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