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The Power of Fragrance

" Nothing brings to life a memory again, like fragrance" - Christopher Poindexter

The difference Bee Bouquet decided to make is a completely non-toxic candle that is ethically sourced. We only use phalate free fragrance oils. Candles have a bad reputation because they have been made for decades with extremely unhealthy ingredients (PARAFIN). The scents we surround ourselves with have the ability to attach to emotions. Just the way the smell of pumpkin spice takes you directly to the season of Fall. What one person loves another may loath. When choosing a candle make sure all the occupants of the household are in agreement on the scents being presented. If a candle is toxic it can create an instant headache and then that fragrance is now tied to that throbbing in your head. This is just one of many byproducts of poorly made candles. Y0u will never be dissatisfied with our candles and if you are, we offer 100% money back guarantee!

A good candle should be handmade (ours are always hand poured), contain no parrafins or petrochemical raw materials, no preservatives, parabens or sulphates, and derive their scent from natural oils. Bee Bouquet checks all these boxes and more. Each order comes with a seed card so the votive can be reused as a flower pot to help feed your bees.

We will continue to make the highest quality candles we possibly can that has the least amount of impact on you and the environment.

Bee well!

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