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Chakra Candles: Here's what you need to know...

Maybe you're an expert when it come to Chakras (sanskrit for wheel), maybe you have zero idea what I'm talking about. No matter which bucket you fall into, we can all expand our knowledge and align our Chakras a bit deeper. Bee Bouquet has created a #chakracandle line that is very unique and beneficial to everyone. When your Chakras are aligned you can operate at your highest self, thus making positive ripples that can be far reaching.


Imagine 7 little wheels of light that start at your tailbone and move towards the top of your head. Each wheel has a specific color that relates to the Chakra. Are you still with me? We have gone even further to develop a candle that can influence certain Chakras.

Here are your 7 Chakras:

What this means for us humans is, everything we do either opens or closes our 7 energy centers. This includes scents, crystals, people and the food we consume. Bee Bouquet is here to help get you dialed in and focused on any and all Chakras you may find a bit blocked.

You will find in crystals in our candles that stimulate the Chakra of your choosing. As well as fragrance that will help to balance your energy. As always, we strive to have the cleanest burning and non-toxic candle you can find. If you ever feel less than over the moon and blissed out while experiencing one of our candles, we will refund you 100% of your money! If you feel lost and do not know what candle to choose, you can select our Chakra candle that has 7 crystals in it and it will give a bit of love exactly where you need it.

Bee well!

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